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Is Seagate As Reliable As Hitachi?


but for enterprise class, I prefer WD - but am willing to try Seagate Constellation ES.3 drives for the experience or if any one else has anything to say about those Scott Do you have some empirical evidence of this beyond what Backblaze has already demonstrated? Latest BackBlaze survey claims to know Seagate's reliability improved dramatically, but Hitachi still rules the roost. Enterprise offer more warranty but not relative to data safty.

Damian Nowak Please post real tables - not images. The representative on the phone said they would replace any broken drive as long as it was still covered under the warranty period from when the drive was first manufactured, not It seems, that using HDDs in a desktop environment leads to much diffferent failure patterns thn in these Disk pods with 45 HDDs each and that you should not rely on We have nothing against Toshiba drives, we like to have multiple vendors, but we just have not been able to get the quantity and price we need.

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Compare the Seagate drives to the WD drives installed in the last year. Corsair Crucial G.Skill Geil HyperX Patriot Samsung Other View Results Loading ... I've also used HGST (Previously Hitachi) drives for years. I absolutely agree.

I left my computer untouched for over 15 hours, and the 2 TB drive unmounted itself, the data rescue was aborted, and it's now an expensive paperweight. Get USB3, portable, & keep them unplugged when not in use. We've had great success with most HGST drives, so any of them that you can get your hands on would probably be OK, but it's not an exact science, all drives Hitachi Hard Drives out of 5 Seagate drives I've owned.. 3 have failed (1 external 2.5inch and 2 internal 3.5inch)… I will never buy Seagate again Ed Milton Ouch ouch ouch … I just

It has to do with what is available for us to buy at what price. Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand Appreciate you letting folks know about Used Drives, folks should pay attention to that when they buy. Then after testing the Seagate, problems came up and it died the next day. If you read through the BackBlaze blog, they lay out their philosophy regarding their server builds pretty clearly.

Thanks for the data Blackblaze, I am going to replace those disks before it gets critical. Most Reliable Portable Hard Drive However, I hate to say it, but it's not enough. There was a total of 19 drive failurse, sure that sounds not bad, OH but wait, thats in less then 100 days…now that is a WHOLY CRAP now isn' it. I am hopeful if several folks inquire they'll release the spec.

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If I ran my own datacenter, I would do the same. Over the last two and a half years, only 1.55 percent of them have failed. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 You'd have to do a little research to see which drive is in a given retail kit. 2005OEFArmy . Most Reliable External Hard Drive 2016 The use of consumer drives isn't unusual, due to their lower pricing, and clearly the drives do work well enough in servers.

HGST is the best?! Having 3 parity bits, do you then use this as a detection mechanism? (ie a disk scrub?) leexgx there is a software like raid in use Ben Jolly @leexgx:disqus raid doesn't Why am i reading this Blog then? WD black has served well. Hitachi External Hard Drive

Moreover, Seagate notes that its desktop drives are not designed for cloud datacentre environments. “We always value our customers’ feedback and take it very seriously,” a statement by Seagate reads. “It Pic any drive I will use the top as the example. While there are sure to be some people who fit the assumptions, it's difficult to say that the specified MTBF actually represents typical usage. sorry for my english, I did my best :) Michele And what about the Seagate GoFlex Desks and Seagate Expansion externals drives?

Ronaldinho Bom Caráter Analysing carefully the data, it seems the best cost x benefit is HGST's HMS5C4040BLE640, correct? Seagate Vs Western Digital External Hard Drive as it will be regular and sometimes heavy load. It was a speedy drive, and ran with noticeably less vibration than the other brands I owned.

kbadk I know I'm late to the party here, but how come you'll "continue to buy our drives from Seagate and HGST" when Seagate seems to fail almost 10 times as

If you don't have much time then, checkout PC-BSD which is trying to make this easy by bringing a GUI to manage this. TL;DR WD drives are bollocks. I am commenting on a report containing literally tens of thousands of data points, but I am going to ignore all of them and provide my own expert opinion because my Seagate Vs Western Digital 2016 Their average age is nearly 5 years (58.6 months) and their cumulative failure rate is a meager 1.55%.

In your case, you're environment most likely less tolerant of drive failure and so using purpose built NAS drives may be a better choice for you. E.g.: Toshiba 3TB drive - 8.63%* (I believe there are also ways to calculate statistical significance, but I am not a statistician.) waltercarroll I am wondering what is so wonderbar about I think my next HDD might be a Hitachi if my WD 1TB fails, I bought two years ago. Hence I would love to see a comparison of enterprise class drive failure rates as well..

Samsung still makes there own tv's electronic devices such as phones and tablets and also Solid state drives.