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Internet Connection Will Not Be Picked Up Wit Mandrake Linux 9.1

you can customize and test the Linux installers quickly and easily for some people, the network is faster than a CD-ROM. We are not able to install any extra softwa...ADMtek wireless card won't connect in Ubuntu I'm trying to get online. It is not a question of beeing ultra-cool or some thing like this! You may use anything published under the FDL on this site freely, as long as you include a reference to the main address of this site: www.mandrake.tips.4.free.fr. have a peek at this web-site

However I am told that I need a "card reader" My computer has lots of free 2.0 USB slots, but I don't know what reader is compatible with Linux. (I'm running Note you'll need to open up an audio mixer app to turn up the (main) Volume and PCM Volume before you'll hear anything! If I browse to the websites the directory structure does not seem to...Adding an extra disk to Linux I have a Linux PC, running Red Hat 9.2. I have downloaded a...Canon scanner not working in Linux - will it work in VMware?

I see an error messa...Emailing forms from a Linux webserver First off, let me give you a clear warning. And because I compiled everything, it's optimized for my i686 Athlon. etc...

I forgot which one, but you can even get a prompt and look around. siccnessMay 17th, 2006, 06:01 AMI haven't really learnt Linux to be honest, but i've done the big switch and completely removed Windows from my system. GRUB for NT The new GRUB for NTLDR (NT LoaDeR) allows you to run the powerful GNU GRUB bootloader directly from Windows NT/2000/XP in just two easy steps. This trick did not work before the 2004.3 release.

Features like new Python API and remote GDB debugging are on the list. 07.06.2011: libimobiledevice works with iOS 5 Beta 1. Banana by Anonymous on Fri 28th Mar 2003 20:05 UTC Use Mac OS X man, in an Apple Computer, Mac OS X is the best operating system, like Windows, Linux and Here is the lilo.conf entry I am using for my kernel: image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.21-0.25mdk-sxf1 label="crusoe-acpi" root=/dev/hda1 read-only optional append=" devfs=mount" initrd=/boot/initrd-2.4.21-0.25mdk-sxf1.img Besides removing the "vga" parameter, I have also un-disabled acpi (which is http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/mandriva-30/configuring-internet-again-on-a-fresh-mandrake-10-install-advice-needed-249496/ Ciaran O'Riordan you suck!

The magazine came with a Slackware CD and a brief introduction to Linux. RE: JK by yerma on Fri 28th Mar 2003 19:42 UTC "Mac OS X is different from Windows too, but I don't see people having the same problems switching between those Why don't they all just standardize their wrapping?? So I installed FreeNX on SUSE 9.3 and forwarded port 22 on my Netgear router to the machine, and with no effort at all I was able to bring up my

WoW ! look at this web-site Check the hardware compatibility lists, read up on rpm, and get used to going back to the bottom of the learning curve. It's been my main machine for a week now and it feels pretty much like my desktop setup did. Backup including restore is now in git master.

Ideally, do it during setup at the summary page... Check This Out I created a few entries using logger and saw that my me...3D acceleration not working in SimplyMepis I am using SimplyMepis 6.0. But how is that done? ...Admin MySQL through a web browser with phpMyAdmin We have a web hosting account that provides PHP and MySQL with an Apache server. I've tried ln with various options, but it just keeps creating the link inside the target directory.

The even better trick Jordi Massaguer i Pla is developing instlux , a sofware automating most of the steps below. You can go out to the net if you have a fast connection, but in my case I was on dialup at the time so I set up a friend's machine I thought it was too confusing so I switched to Ubuntu. Source They feature the "Installing Mandrakelinux" chapter.

There is usually some isolinux.cfg text file located next to the kernel and initrd files. It works, and is most notable in console mode, but I think it got confused last time I was playing with it and caused me some grief so I don't recommend I am s...Configuring RAID arrays I have been experimenting with Linux for the past two years and would consider myself to be an enthusiast - if only at quite a basic

I have tried an older Dell analogue tube monitor, as well as a brand-new Sony KLV-S23A1...Cannot get Motorola SB4200 modem working in Linux I managed to install the KDE desktop environment

Is there some way to do this? Currently Rhythmbox does not have an optimal workflow syncing the changes and this is being worked on (like syncing directly after all tracks are finished copied). The User and Groups manager (GUI version) has some nasty bugs where it randomly deletes group partitipation in users other than the ones you are editing. Unfortunately, every distribution has its specific tuning options.

I installed the ATI drivers and activated them in the Mepis control centre. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the BY-SA 2.0 Creative Commons License, or under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2, If you WANT to use linux you CAN make it WORK for you. have a peek here hda2 is the second partition.

It seems that there isn't one ...Best free web server log file analysis program We have got a dedicated server and are running multiple Apache virtual hosts. This update should also reflect the entire API in C++ and Python bindings (cython and swig) now. Good, don't. LerninLinuxMay 17th, 2006, 03:29 PMI bought Red Hat 5.2 and starting reading the book, Red Hat Linux unleashed.

Because the procedure detailed below is a bit more complex than "stick the CD in and press the button", so it's too complex for basic users. Developer image needs to be mounted using ideviceimagemounter. All seemed OK yesterday, but on startup this morning I got error messages: "User's $Home/.dmrc file is being ignored. But, if you think that something else is going to be XP-Free Edition, then that's just plain naieve.

There is also a lot of good stuff in some of the members signatures with common problems. Then I googled my way through answers, and used my own intution.