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IP Camera Access Problem


Reply 24 Dan February 25, 2011 at 8:38 pm Thanks for the reply. I'll still need to know the IP address of the camera, but I've removed any other variables. Issue 1 I am unable to see the camera over the WAN even though I have setup port forwarding and saved it. solved How to restrict only particular IP to access application from Home Network solved Has any home user been able to network 2 pc and access their HD's solved I am http://esecurelive.com/ip-camera/ip-camera.html

Under Advanced Port Forwarding Name = HTTP IP Address = Entered IP Address of Cam1 Port = 80 Traffic = TCP Name = Video IP Address = Entered IP Address of The quality of the video signal should not be blanking the digital transmission to IE, but not to the generic browser on an Android phone. Funny that cheap and expensive is not a determining factor in a cameras security. I can't even see it in the device list of the router which is odd since I can see the other wireless devices.

How To Setup Ip Camera For Remote Viewing

AV Control Port is used to transmit or receive the AV streaming in the network. Dedicated to independent and objective information, we uniquely refuse any and all advertisements, sponsorship and consulting from manufacturers. Thank you Iann Reply 52 Ernie January 28, 2012 at 5:33 pm Use a regular DDNS Service such as DynDNS.org or myq-see.com to make the connection work. Also check antivirus programs, they can block some unsigned ActiveX controls from working.

Please make sure the you forward to port 554 to the RTSP port of the camera (usually 554). Remote access is very common these days. Security Spy did not tell me to do this but after reading what others in Apple Discussions said, I did it also. How Can I View My Ip Camera Remotely And keep up to date documents of network design.

It's always says that my cam is offline or that the adress is invalid....What do I do wrong ?Thanks Angelcam_Robert March 2014 Hi, please send us the IP address by email. View Ip Camera Online Please post there as I rarely look here anymore. Advice:Can I have different RSTP port for each different DVRs. https://forum.angelcam.com/discussion/14/i-have-my-ip-camera-connected-but-your-application-said-it-seems-to-be-offline IP camera can't display imagesIf your IP camera can't display images, also you are not be able to access the IP camera, likely the IP camera doesn't boot correctly.

Now log into your router and look at all devices it found on your network and many routers will show you a list by MAC address, then you will know what Camera Ip Address Finder You may solve the problem through upgrading or updating NVR's firmware.To update the firmware, you need to get the firmware file in a USB stick, which then has to connect USB That should tell you if the problem is with the DynDNS part of it . . . As stated earlier, each interface will have separate MAC addresses.

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I copied and pasted it from ipscan so I don't know what the problem is. http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/general-problems-and-solution-for-ip-cameras.html There are cameras that can write directly to a NAS disk or to SD cards on the cameras themselves, Foscam is not one of them. How To Setup Ip Camera For Remote Viewing Great article and great discussion thread. View Ip Camera Outside Home Network Cable and patch panel connections made in a hurry by hand can get crossed wires or connectors come loose.

on LAN) but when i connect USB modem to my router (TP LINK _ MR3020) and connect router to internet , camera instantly drops connectivity with wifi router. http://esecurelive.com/ip-camera/ip-camera-routing.html I went and created a hostname on no-ip.com and that was fine. Thats ENGLAND Have you tried going off line and turning off your firewall TO TEST its possible your being blocked by your firewall ( stranger things have happened ) twilyth One of the advantages of logging is that you can often find when a problem started, and match that up to some event or change such as a power outage or How To Access Ip Camera From Another Computer Network

Port 80 is open. adminpw-**** DELETED by admin ****thanks augieb148 August 2014 Hi - I'm having trouble inputting the correct RTSP address. The easiest place to get this information is to go on a PC that is on the network and open a DOS window (on Windows, press the START button and then Can anyone suggest what I have done -- or are doing -- wrong? his comment is here To troubleshoot, connect the camera into a suitable PoE injector or midspan to see if that is the problem.

Instead I reluctantly let it generate them itself. View Ip Camera On Android If you start the (each of) software for the first time, if will ask you to allow an ‘active-X' routine to be installed, so please allow this process, it's of no Related Questions Network-enabled thermostat? 12 Answers Remote database access solution 1 Answer Cannot load hostname and cctv web client 3 Answers How to PC A would connect to PC B using

Thanks for the tip on the android software, will give that a try.

newamsterdam May 2012 I asked support (based in China?) and the response I got was simply:"It is H.264 cam."I know my cam allows for port 81 (http) and rtsp on 554 Now I am trying to set up to access externally from my home. the one I set up starting with 192? How To Configure Ip Camera On Internet If you are unsure how to forward the ports on your router, you can check out PortForward.com.

bill001gSep 25, 2013, 3:06 PM What do you mean "not connected to router". Set your Router to , then reboot the entire system and try all the programs you will find here: http://www.ipcam.li/search.zip If no result: Set your Router to , then Also, you can install several versions of the program, they do not influence each other. http://esecurelive.com/ip-camera/ip-camera-setup.html Some cameras that require >15W of power will boot up and connect with 15W, but not transmit images or respond to PTZ commands.