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Is My Gainward 5800 Ultra Still Overheating?

The essence of the problem is that the fan stops when it shouldn't and that the card heats up to an extremely high temperature. We tried to simulate the problem on yet another system (EPoX 8RDA+, 2x 256MB Corsair XMS3500C2, Adaptec 29160N, 2 SCSI disks, Win XP, etc.) and we got a few BSOD's from I pulled my heatsink and removed the pads ( this was a 9800 ) cleaned up everything and used AS5 and it did drop the temps on it according to a Well, we think that for some reason when using a 3D screensaver the card, or its drivers, decide the card is not running in 3D mode and stop the fan. weblink

In the error screen it says(like all other 30 times) "error core out of memory" Now as I look at the GPU-Z Log file I see the Graphic card Memory Used Furthermore, many who do have a 5800 Ultra, use watercooling for it… I know that many will feel uncomfortable pushing their card to limits but we would really appreciate if you Why this is happening? no wonder your machine is burning out.. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/is-my-gainward-5800-ultra-still-overheating.292018/

We've been torturing it quite a bit and its still here and ticking. The error message does say "out of memory". Would you want to pay extra for the kind of parts necessary to last 10 years for every card that you buy knowing full well you won't be using it for Even the OpenGL screensavers like Pipes that come with Windows are OK, but for some serious "firepower" (to make the card extra hot in no time) you need a screensaver like

during the past decade he has crafted games which require ever-increasing amounts of computing power, and designed software engines that have become industry standards. Set up the screensaver to turn on itself after 1 minute, so you don?t have to wait too long. it is too new (just like the original amd throughbreed) to push it too far out of spec. I suggest more ppl look if the same thing happens to them, dl GPU-Z, enable the Log to file and Continue refreshing.

Great game - loving it! Sigh, the only reason I bought this card is that I got a good deal on it. (was a refurb) Should'ave bought an ATI 9800 for 3 times more.. If the PC case is not ventilated, the cooler behaves quite interestingly. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/important-if-you-have-a-geforcefx-5800-read.1039718/ At this point the fan still won’t be running.

However when i underclocked my graphics card with 10 MHz it never happened again. I'll try that tonight. That might be the problem. according to thermaltake, a completely water-cooled system will give 29 db.

Or even RADEON 9500? check that pressure from ATI? Wird geladen... All latest MSI's solutions can boast of them.

However, last night I was playing, and after around 2 hours of gameplay I again started getting slowdowns and graphical errors. At this point the fan still won?t be running. Although the chipset's and memory's temperatures exceeded 100 C, the cooler remained indifferent. wow, that's gotta hurt.

Our statement from Update 2 about oven testing and fundamental flaw - not the smartest thing we could say. The card that you just plugged in is probably sucking more power than your CPU. Does he pass himself as a professional reviewer or something? check over here fps in ingame engine cinematics and menus such as on the ship etc....

corvettes are fast, but they don't compare to the ride in a caddy. noendto, instead of gettin' flustered. After you start the demo/benchmark, you?ll finally hear the fan!

If this is not working I will give up.

We have an impending sense of doom. Note that Overclocking requires additional card cooling (for its memory, in particular): Overclocking depends on a certain sample, and you shouldn't extend single-card results to the entire series or trade mark. It won't even run stable if I clock it below Safe Mode settings now. Power Supply: SeaSonic 450W 80+ GOLD Mouse: Logitech G5 Keyboard: Zalman K500 modded Software: Windows 10 Benchmark Scores: Can fit into a backpack =) Regarding this topic: not exactly true.

Oct 3, 2015 at 1:05 PM #41 tabascosauz Joined: Jun 24, 2015 Messages: 964 (1.61/day) Thanks Received: 946 Location: where it's gert lush System Specs System Name: Ol' Beastie, the veteran This behavior was first noticed by Denis Arunovic from our team, and after he called me in the middle of the night, I joined the ?hunt?. Oct 3, 2015 at 12:59 PM #38 john_ Joined: Sep 6, 2013 Messages: 985 (0.78/day) Thanks Received: 459 Location: Athens, Greece System Specs System Name: 3 systems: Gaming/Internet/HTPC Processor: 640 Unlocked Cheers Yeah i had the same, all crashes were 3Dportrait related and it didn't happen when i enabled 2D portraits.

Perhaps the ATI fans are overreacting (a bit, eh) . . . Someone pays $400+ dollars for a video card to only have it fry because of stupid drivers. I for one had my new VTX3D ATI Radeon HD 4670 for about 7 months before I noticed the problem, this was because I was still playing games that were running Would running the game at lower settings help?

Home Forums Search Forums Recent Posts Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Because we feel its unimportant if only our board can "make" artifacts and other "cool" effects. I get a black screen with the sound looping, and this makes me do a hard restart to my computer. graphics card is a BFG GTX295 using drivers 258.96 GFX and CPU temp nowhere near overheating.

on pricewatch, the 9700 non pro is 222, the 9500 non pro is 157, and the 9700 pro is 270. - by nueromancer just a guess (2:48am est sat feb 01 otherwise i would like to know why they pulled it. - by cupcake goatguy (7:14pm est fri jan 31 2003)i felt that comment coming from someone… not to be a cock.. Prev : Skoči na Odaberite stranicu: How to cook a GF FX 5800 Ultra? : Next Isprintaj članak Vaš Komentar Top Forum Objavljeno prije 4 minute Resident Evil 7 Objavljeno prije MSI should be praised indeed for such a box!

Otherwise, the Unreal won't be so... The CGS supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote digital artists worldwide. It might also help you if you changed the power plan on your PC so that its not just balanced but is set to high performance, and also strip your PC flmatter says thanks.

If a video card is priced at $500, then either the traders are self-murders willing to go broke, or the cards produced are few, and some will be ready to pay My last solution will be buying a new laptop (i need a new one anyway). I think it's at 500mhz core and 650mhz mem now, although I've run it before at 650mhz core and 1000mhz mem with no problems except the suspected overheating while playing games. Intel threads, but the ATI fanboys get to spank their monkeys freely, don't they? #18 DefRef, Apr 18, 2003 Rectalfier Golden Member Joined: Nov 21, 1999 Messages: 1,589 Likes Received: