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Is My Gpu Or Psu Or Mobo Failing? (this Is A Weird One)


and respective owners. there goes my funds for my next batch of homebrew... Paperclip test confirms the antec isnt functioning(could be in protected state, antec protection is different). That cpu temp is way to high! weblink

the symtoms of cpu going to bad is the same with the mobo. As I mentioned the same model card of my friend worked on my PC before. As far as I know the VRM was the only damage and I never smelled smoke or saw sparks until that last attempt to troubleshoot the board. Then probably your graphic cards busted. 2.


Everyone selling them says what they sell is not junk.PSUs on the shelf 2 years ago cost $75. Asus X99-PRO (running latest 1401 bios) EVGA GTX-980 Intel i7-5930k G Skill 2800 DDR4 memory Corsair HX750i (running multi rail in link software) Sound Blaster Z Samsung 840 Evo 500 GB No. - How can an end user know what firmware is on his/her PSU? (Can users identify by the serial number what PSU they have? ) By the serial number. When the computer is turned on, nothing happens.

Kilger Well, I dont think Asus will step up for this, but if you go googleing "Asus x99 deluxe" you will see lots problem over there. eahenryii wrote: » i've resorted to reading your posts in William Shatner's voice. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.sendingYOUDIEMOFO5 months ago Electromagnetic Pulse went through the whole computer eh....?!?Now I think I have heard it all.... Msi Afterburner Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

I could see a close-to-dead PSU giving me a problem by not providing enough juice (it's a 750w with no newly added hardware). Is there some other place I should look? now the problem is definitely narrowed down to the motherboard. Continued middle-earth88Member Since: June 2, 2006Posts: 1262middle-earth88FollowForum Posts: 1262Followed by: 0Reviews: 1 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#11 Posted by middle-earth88 (1262 posts) - 5 years, 11 months agoThis kind of thing is why

The first did not only fried the video card but the board also. Microcenter Gear head Another one bites the dust ! I only have one power supply cord plugged into it right now. I'm doubting the PSU, since it was working fine right before I took it apart.


Report rollcage- Mar 19, 2010 at 02:59 PM Thanks Error32 and sunil for refering it to here I have done this many times but today forgot to plug the 4x2 yellow I've had occasional reboots before (used for less than 1 year) but this has to be a BIOS fault? Hwmonitor Nicholas Perry Fantastic to see ASUS really own up to something that needed to be changed. Motherboard Video Card.

I do this a lot and typically play dumb so that I hear all suggestions, from most simplistic to more advanced. Thanks LegitReview, I do agree this was risky to post but you have potentially helped Asus, the VRM supplier prevent a tons of more broken boards. Dealing with EVGA was such a relief after dealing with Asus tech support. On these Haswell-E processors, Intel has moved the voltage regulation on-CPU as part of the new Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator (FIVR). Newegg

One night, I boot it up, things are going well, I log in to my guild's Mumble server and BOOM... weird power problems solved GPU, Mobo or PSU failing? After extensive testing and collaboration with leading power supply manufacturers and our VRM supplier (International Rectifier) it was determined that the new VRM design on the X99 Deluxe board needs a check over here I will know something by the end of this weekend.

On one of the times I rebooted in such an event, the computer turned itself off after 5 seconds and stayed off for another 5 before turning back on. Nvidia Motherboard damage? I wasn't there when the power supply blew, but I would have to imagine that it released some sort of electromagnetic pulse through the whole system.

We’re skeptical, but maybe." So, right now it looks like the board had a failure and then when the system was restarted the PSU without OCP may or may not have

It seems that this motherboard has been tested with 5960X only. Report Ramesh- Jun 13, 2009 at 05:15 AM i have also display problem, I use ibm desktop, more quite days the colour of monitor goes red. Le_Goat on March 2013While I agree that being insensitive is an issue, so is being oversensitive. 0 Aioua Ora Occidens Ora OptimaRegistered User regular March 2013 Does your graphics card draw There are no CPU/RAM error LED's lit.

Gear head Yes I Agree both Asus and Corsair need to replace all products destroyed by there unstable products. ( Might I suggest a small claims law suite if they don't. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRAP !!! Update 9/11/2014 - ASUS HQ in Taiwan has the motherboard and is looking at it now. Their products cost premium but their support is CRAP.

If I took the card out, i could boot up and the integrated graphics would work for the system. and respective owners. The best thing you can do is own the issue (which you already have in great way) and repair the damage done by the issue in this case the CPU (which If it is the PSU it seems odd to me that it would work for so long perfectly fine and then start killing motherboards after a few years.

I even removed all the expansion cards with no change.