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Is The Wait For Itanium Worth It?

let the facts speak. - by realist intel will let you have an itanium server for 90 days (2:17pm est wed dec 10 2003)actually until you give anything for their "thing". neither have most other people. Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Please Log In or Register to post comments. CGTalk Moderation05-26-2005, 03:54 PMThis thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months. check over here

amd continues to gain steam with oppie. Log In or Register to post comments Advertisement Please log in or register to post comments. Video Editors or Computer Geeks? user comments 21 comment(s) i saw the chinese calander… (8:41am est wed dec 10 2003)and this year is the year of the monkey i thought…hmmm. http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php?t-28282.html

the total cost of ownership is not any higher for itanium than opteron. it kills me that because people don't see it in best buy, they think no one is buying them. Vertizor05-24-2005, 02:54 PMPsst, mustique, this thread is 2-3 years old.

maybe that will change in a few years with more itanium blades, especially if they can get the power down on 90nm blade chips. What Ever Happened to HDTV? as for its technical merits, the thing is scary, yes it performs fairly well but when you spend the money intel did it should be even faster. Sheesh, 25 years is a long time, especially when you're talking about high technology.

while i think it is a worthy comparison to compare opteron vs. New? and average desktop (even in corporate world) is using less than 1gb memory today. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=FTkEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA68&lpg=PA68&dq=Is+The+wait+for+Itanium+worth+it?&source=bl&ots=XVoXwLaQd7&sig=oveb2lZGctG4bS_OVoybpwucFHE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj20Mf589vRAhWrK8AKHUIcDcYQ6AEILzAC GregHess11-12-2002, 12:18 AMHey Beaker!

Not even worth bothering with. >>I don't keep up with it since we're already planning for Hammers. like most first posters, it doesn't make their point any better because they are first. What if I had a workstation with 32 of those Itanium muthas churning away, chomping through a composite that would normally take an hour to render? wonder how that overpriced puppy is moving.

So those who want to move to 64 bits must make sure that everything they need is there first, a technological chicken-and-egg dilemma that's not likely to be solved any time Apple Stock Heads Toward Bottom of the Barrel Editing for Content Looking Ahead: The Age of Spiritual Editing? enterprise back-end. enterprise costs are mostly services, not hardware.

thus far the market has said "no!" pretty succinctly. number of seconds of market life left for hammer after yamhill - 0 near as i can see, itanium's the best thing that could have happened for hammer. McKinley will offer faster clock speeds and, more importantly, better integer performance. Now.

Sieb11-12-2002, 07:19 AMI think Itanium is kind of a waste, not many people are taking to it. intel announced the intention to sell 100,000 itanium chips before the end of 2003, but actual sales are estimated to be below 15,000. Unless you are already running a 64bit environment, little to nothing you have will run on it, I don't think they even emulate 32bit (I remember that being the negative thing this content Maya and shake use the same amount of ram on a 64 bit sgi box as a 32 bit linux intel box.

And the Itanium is, by design, a product engineered for obsolescence: Its successor, code-named McKinley, isn't just on the drawing boards but slated for production by mid-2002. they are fully aware yamhill is theyre future and it's like suns light to a party of vampire. no 64-bit windows desktop os until end of 2004. 64-bits is cool, but at this moment unnecessary.

i'm outty. - by chief zulu oodles of noodles (10:51am est wed dec 10 2003)its just sad.

Not hardly. XP and Windows Server 2002 64-bit will offer few native applications—Microsoft plans a version of SQL Server 2000—and although 32-bit applications will run in a special Windows on Windows 64 (WOW64) InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects. Just Another Pretty Face The Digital Video Editing Crystal Ball Thank-You Note to Santa: Thanks for Bringing These NLEs For Me What's With This 24p Stuff, Anyway?

although there are rumors that just such a chip exists, it's been officially denied time and time again. I was smartassly able to predict the future! :scream: gordon7up05-26-2005, 03:54 PMon the itanium part, sgi are shipping their PRISM workstations with Itanium2 cpu's, and SGI's site quotes these at starting on the other hand you could get a very nice boxx system for a good bit less....decisions decisions.... However, they still need a centralized platform where end users can conduct self-service analytics in an IT-enabled environment....More Jul 6, 2016 Sponsored Using BI Office Together with Microsoft Power BI Desktop

For databases, Itanium's large memory capacity and strong numeric computational power make it a good fit for data mining and analysis applications. So it seems I'd better go for Athlon mp processors for now and then buy Hammers when it comes and there's no bug... (2 month are remained ,or more?) Are Tyan the industry views those of us who want 64-bit desktops as "early adopters", and the message they are giving us is to wait. i agree with above poster, my next pc will be an amd64 too, the 64 bit part is just iceing on the cake, i don't have to use 64bit, and from

but not the monster hammer is!!

consider they are so desperate they are pretty much giving them away …"please take one ..please please they're great …really they are"! you have to be a global 500 company and have an existing risc-based system, but intel will let you have an itanium server for 90 days, no money down, in the Every other 64 bit processor I have run(MIPS, Alpha, Ultra Spark and PA-RISC) will run on as little as 16 meg of ram(8-10 years ago :) ). it may not have all the capabilities of ultrasparc processors, but that's ok, because it sure provides a lot of bang for the buck.

Both client and server versions are being developed alongside their 32-bit brethren and include roughly the same feature set, although the XP product lacks some crucial end-user applications such as Windows but intel's so sure of itanium's ability to impress you that it's willing to give you one of its itanium-based systems-free of charge. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (Computerworld.com), twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network. Intel says it's "the most significant new development in Intel microprocessor architecture since the 32-bit 386 processor was introduced in 1985." Believe it.

on page three is talks about the 64bit aspects. certainly we'll need it in the future, but not in the next year. 32-bit chips can do native 64-bit computations with special instructions (sse2). is there room for a proprietary, expensive, relatively slow processor in this mix? Thank you very much for the information.

But is it a breakthrough? Office XP Office XP's benefits are immediately applicable to a far wider audience. Normal 32bit apps won't work on it. The real fun starts when applications written specifically for IA-64 are released.