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Is There A Downside To Openoffice.org?

Come to think of it, I have a resume I do in Word Perfect that also gets mangled because of header or footer problems in Word/OOO Also, I don't see - So, I can't use the OO.o uninstaller. This gives the user the ability to be hands on in getting their problem fixed instead of waiting for the next release a year or two down the road. Kontact/KOrganizer is pretty nifty already (and should be available for Windows later this year).

Even better, OOo can embed scripting interpreters so that you can write your macros from within OOo in any supported language.To be fair, the developer documentation for UNO is found in This means they don't have a chance to 'stub their toes' as it were. Sure, I could use a real plotting package, but that's more work than I want to go to.I've also heard reports that calc is missing functions that are present in excel. Privacy policy About Apache OpenOffice Wiki Disclaimers Language: Asturianu (ast) Čeština (cs) Dansk (da) Deutsch (de) English (en) Español (es) Euskara (eu) Suomi (fi) Français (fr) Gàidhlig (gd) Galego (gl) Italiano

In addition, Mozilla (which guides the Thunderbird and Sunbird projects) announced that it had made around $70 Million in revenue last year. I know about Neooffice. I've read that it gets used a lot for this sort of thing.(Actually, I just looked at the OO online help. This is not the sort of ship we should board.

There are a lot of strong feelings behind the great open-source-versus-commercial-license debate. Plus OOO's scripting is in Basic rather than the relatively esoteric Perfect Script, which the only other program I've seen that uses it is Novell's Groupwise e-mail program. Are intro stat courses using Excel? And then complain that the typesetting and layout are off in OOo?

Latest version:3.4.0 Beta 1/3.3.0 License:Freeware OS:Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT Total downloads:50,804 Rank:15 in Word Processing Download It Share with friends New features is coming 1. I am a OO.org user. Since I can't download OO.o 2.0.x from the official site any more, I now have to find somewhere to download it. my site When graphing data, it has difficulty/it is impossible to display the equation of a line of best fit, place several sets of data on the same graph, etc.

OOo has save to pdf, but you can get that in 2007 too. Despite the multiple code inputs, Apache OpenOffice feels smooth and cohesive—important in an office suite. If you need your pages to flow exactly in a certain way you need to put page breaks and other controls in there. You can think of moving from MS Office to OpenOffice as if you were moving from Office 2000 to Office 2003: there are small differences, and users who have learned things

Free Sticky Notes Igorv.com for Windows 7 / Vista / XP Due to the fact that 1000techs.blogspot.com is using Windows 7 Starter, a lot of free features are not available to Should you consider OpenOffice? What do you think of OpenOffice.org? It is used for word processing, databases, presentations, spreadsheets and graphics.

If you don't have more than 512MB of RAM or so, you are asking for trouble. Nothing bad I can think of (Score:4, Insightful) by disturbedite ( 979015 ) writes: on Saturday March 24, 2007 @01:44PM (#18472241) i made the switch over 2 years ago and i It's the biggest obstacle to widespread OpenOffice adoption, though. OOo also provides support for both Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) layout languages (such as Hindi, Hebrew, and Arabic).

But unfortunately, that's not true for Sunbird, Mozilla's calendaring tool. It's perfect for just about any word processing needs. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: (Score:2, Insightful) by SECProto ( 790283 ) writes: Exactly the issue I was going to bring up. OpenOffice is a free alternative to products such as Microsoft Office Suite.

Granularity. Startup speed does not both me when I use the QuickStart. He wants to do exactly what he does with Word.

That was then and this is now.

In the case of Office 2003, this is because Microsoft has established de facto formats such as .doc for Word documents and .xls for Excel. I haven't de-installed it, and I sometimes still use it for cr Re: (Score:3, Informative) by rbochan ( 827946 ) writes: I would also include lack of integrated mail/calendar/scheduling software. Maybe I'll try copying the file over again and see how it looks, or I could try examining OOO's XML output and see what I get. Word also has nice features for collaborative editing, change reviewing, etc.

Share twitter facebook linkedin just more limited (Score:3, Informative) by jilles ( 20976 ) writes: on Sunday March 25, 2007 @06:16AM (#18477467) Homepage The downside is simply that openoffice is a Re: (Score:2, Insightful) by Ash-Fox ( 726320 ) writes: At the end of the day it's about file formats. Just try for yourself - if it fits your needs, great. Additionally they don't seem to have a interest in software freedoms etc.

But then Microsoft bought Visio and integrated it into Office, and Visio is better than Draw. "Calc" is about as good as everybody else's spreadsheet. "Impress" is OK for producing dumb Re: (Score:2) by abigor ( 540274 ) writes: Why do you capitalise Mac as though it were an acronym? Man are you masogist or something? No, people who insist on "100% has to look the exact same including all the bugs" are being silly.

It would be absolutely retarded from a business perspective to proceed any other way - based on anyones advice, no matter how much of an "expert" they claim to be. As a small business owner and semi-literate in things computer-ese (as a user, not as a developer or administrator), what support limitations are there for Open Office. Meanwhile, the first you know about it is when your carefully crafted report/f Re: (Score:3, Interesting) by Anonymous Brave Guy ( 457657 ) writes: I hate to say it, but you've Frequent Updates OpenOffice updates as the developers fix bugs and add new features instead of waiting for new release dates like other proprietary office programs do.

As to the topic at hand -- an Line numbering and complex documents (Score:2, Interesting) by ahbi ( 796025 ) writes: Yeah, I stopped trying to use OO when I ran OpenOffice also includes robust tools for Web designers who write in HTML.Technical SupportTechnical support for an open source suite of applications isn't quite the same as technical support for a commercial What is "open source"? Was this answer helpful? 00 · 11/18/2011 02:39 Add Your Answer 10~1000 characters in length CAPTCHA: Post without login Related Questions Q:How to Troubleshoot Open Office A: Open the Help menu by clicking

In Open Office, it gets in your face and keeps trying.