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Is There A Problem In MMORPG?

The problem is that you’re looking at this as a software developer; understandable given your background I have a rich background in software development, but I would not describe myself as The time and the cost to develop a solution that could accomodate even the most basic of MMORPG needs tended to mean that the only way they could ever see a We don't always know what we want. If you look at what a company like Nintendo did between the Gamecube and Wii then you see a company that realized it was trying to please people who didn't want

Something that will hook players for long periods of time without losing interest too fast. 2. or our guild. Gamers seem like a kid who is more excited about getting a toy than playing with the toy once they’ve gotten it Keep in mind though, the kid is getting a With that, I all agree to disagree and move on.

I agree with you, especially about how the games need newer technology, although SAO is a very real concern since newer technology might control your brain. 6281001 1555654 Aethroz Level 19 I like the jump in jump out style of playing. Sure I miss a lot of neat features, and enhancements.. No matter what you do, the world will live on, and therefore it’s hard to feel any attachment or purpose to any quest or storyline.

A Tale In the Desert also has the benefit of being a player-driven economic sandbox, but one has to wonder why this isn’t being done more often, nonetheless. While LOVE came before it, Trove’s pseudo-procedural content opened the proverbial door and I believe we may be seeing more in the future. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]archchunk 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago(0 children)Ahh so your problem with them is they don't promote team-based challenges? Long travel time Oh, travel time is still in MMOs, but the first item on this list refers back to an era when you could expect to spend an hour or

You aren't responsible for how I feel about your posts and the information you give me. All I could think about was the similarity between software/game development and historical comparisons from WWII of two major offensive advances. First attempt at a castle (0) Started 02/12/2017/ Kill_Roy1218 said 02/12/2017/ So, I usually build houses or wooden based buildings and mostly fantasy/steampunk. http://www.mmorpg.com/columns/the-problem-no-ones-talking-about-1000006856 creating new/exciting heroes/villains.

Raiders generally seek the rush of overcoming obstacles through team work. Sign in Transcript Statistics Add translations 736 views 17 Like this video? No room for deviation, it was a plan that ended in complete failure or complete success. But rarely is there a meaningful narrative that carries the player through from start to finish.

That's part of the problem right there, the fact that a hugely successful game could be considered a miserable failure because of a whiny fanbase. https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-biggest-problems-affecting-developers-of-online-games-e-g-MMOs But until one company decides to take a risk and produce a game that breaks the mold rather than milk the pre-existing system we are stuck with all the crap that Make NPC in the pub that collects small fee and pre-paid reward to post on a quest and other players can come in, check the board to see what quests are I think we'll see the results if/when an expansion for the game comes out.

M59 was my first MMORPG, and I played it back in 1998 and 1999. Sign in to make your opinion count. So I'll lose this one anyways. You Must Be Logged In To Vote0You Must Be Logged In To Vote1 year 31 minutes agoGuestRobert80Facebook ShareTwitter ShareGoogle Sharecrackfox BryanCo melissaheather  This so much.  Imagine if you go to travel to a

We're trying to say that it's the developers responsibility to how I react to the content they make. For many new players, it is important that they feel like they're getting somewhere, even though they just played for 30min. but we also want it to have impact and leave an impression. Few -- if any -- social features I still think that most MMOs have a long way to go to providing players and guilds with a full range of useful social

Marketing costs have been a HUGE drain on budgets. You Must Be Logged In To Vote0You Must Be Logged In To Vote11 months 30 days agoGuestManastuUtakataFacebook ShareTwitter ShareGoogle ShareRobert80 ManastuUtakata FacelessSavior  What is one persons enjoyment is another's pain. There’s no guarantee that any of these solutions would see resounding success.

I am simply trying to point out that telling others to "stop and smell the roses" isn't something that is completely on the player.

You must be logged in through one of the available social logins to post a comment. The creative folks taught me the essentials of user experience, got me to read Design of Everyday Things, Edward Tufte, etc, and more recently Luke W on mobile. The first being the failure of Operation Market Garden and the second being the success of the Island Hopping Strategy in the Pacific. Site TeamTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyEtiquetteReport bugAdvertisingContact © 2017 Planetminecraft.com.

It's more about the strategy and fun of the handful of good battles you face through the day. Getting through hard areas gives players a rush, signaling that they accomplished something, we are big kids who can work through problems and situations, we don’t need your hand holding that GrayStillPlays 201 views 19:40 The Problem With All New MMO's - Duration: 3:23. Says they're not known for being a lemming, defends the popular opinion. :D You Must Be Logged In To Vote0You Must Be Logged In To Vote1 year 8 hours agoGuestFacelessSaviorFacebook ShareTwitter

It's not about blaming the customer. For example if the median of 15K players all paid $60 for this new game, that would equal a total of $900,000 for a single zone. Scenario two, Pointless Travel Time:  You go running on your mount out of the city, across three zones, and use a number of travel mechanics.  It takes you two hours.  You raising a mount can be fine and fun.

In both economic and management games, there are always variables changing. I want epic worlds, epic adventures, epic stories to tell not epic mounts and epic f**king shoulders :) You Must Be Logged In To Vote0You Must Be Logged In To Vote1 You go online, you see a list of things to play (arenas/raids/whatever), you pick a game(or activity), play with a small group of people, finish the preset activity, and move onto However, I do know that it is typically a bad idea to attempt to enter a saturated market with a similar product.

Sign in 18 0 Don't like this video? Waiting eons for boats, slowly moving across zones, and constantly worrying that you'd be killed and would have to do the run all over again were facts of life. We were big game hunting. because even the lowest person at 30 can beat you.

I do believe that it is possible to design a system that supports balance for both PVE and PVP, such as implementing abilities with context-specific coefficients, durations, diminishing returns, targets affected, When you're not even at level cap in an MMO, you're worse than a bronze player. There's a competitive nature to it, and I enjoy it for that, but I feel early adopters totally misconstrued the merits of WvWvW. The joy is the feeling of anticipation.

The rate at which eastern MMORPGs appear would hint that their use (or at least the use of some kind of shared solutions) is common practise there, so maybe this is The fact they are recent developments (in MMORPG development time that is) is probably what lies behind them not being used on a lot more releases. Not only does your enterprise code need to fulfill the spec, but it also has to be a bestselling novel. The mid game isn't compelling enough, rather just a means to an end.